Customer Acquisition Tips

Start with print media!

When you are first starting out, print media can be very helpful because of it’s affordability, but the effectiveness of these materials will depend on your ability to distribute them as well as the location you choose to distribute them. If you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease, print media could get your location off of the ground very quickly at a very low cost. Click below to order some material and to get some tips on how they can best be utilized!



Utilize Facebook, Instagram, AND GOOGLE

Whether you're posting for free, boosting posts, deals, promos, giveaways, using subscription messages, or even using the ad manager to create in depth targeted audiences, Facebook and Instagram are a necessity for your business. Adding multiple posts per week on each platform to your calendar will make a huge difference in the amount of customers you have, so be sure to check out our tips on running your social accounts!


Your drivers are the face of the business as far as customers are concerned. They travel into several restaurants each day that are all occupied by potential customers. Allowing your drivers to advertise for you can be an incredibly powerful tool. Want to find out how you can build an army of brand ambassadors? Heck, they don’t even have to be drivers! You can assign a referral code to your friends or even your most active customers if you want!



Stay active in the community (under Construction)

Festivals, farmer’s markets, parades, baseball games, fairs, etc. These are all incredible opportunities to get the word out and create an image in the community! You can introduce yourself, hand out cards, do a raffle, a giveaway, etc. You can even ask customers to subscribe to our mailing list. 1 day at a big event like this could supply you with 1000 new customers, so check out our event supply list and be sure to brainstorm with your district manager to come up with some creative ideas for your event!

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