Order Concerns 

I can’t find the customer’s house

  • Contact the customer by giving them a call or shooting them a text. Be sure to leave a message if they do not answer.

  • Ask dispatch to check the customer’s order history to see if they’ve included better delivery instructions on a previous order.

  • Wait 10 minutes until after the customer’s quoted delivery time. If you still do not have an answer by this time, please tie their bags closed and set them in a secure location.

  • Text the customer to inform them of where the order was placed with a photo attached.

My credit card isn’t working / I forgot my card

Please wait 5 minutes, and then give the card another try. If the problem persists, Message dispatch via Chat. They will have a card photo sent over for manual entry or assign your order to another driver. Use the button below to order a replacement. You’ll also want to drop all shifts until your new card comes arrives in the mail. If your card was left at home please let dispatch know and head to retrieve it as quickly as possible.

My customer isn’t available

  • Call and text the customer at least 3 times to see if they are available, sometimes they cannot hear the doorbell.

  • Wait 10 minutes until after the customer’s quoted delivery time. If you still do not have an answer by this time, please tie their bags closed and set them in a secure location.

  • Text the customer to inform them of where the order was placed with a photo attached.

Dispatch isn’t responding in chat

Please have patience, Our dispatchers handle multiple locations and drivers at once. If this is an emergency please message dispatch via chat and ask them to give you a call. Submit a comment by using the button below if you have complaints regarding dispatch.

Where do I send my receipts?

Use the reports tab in DeliverLogic to match the order number to the receipt. Write the Order number on the receipt, snap a photo, and send it to sendreceipts@myorangecrate.com. You’ll probably save time if you send the email as if it were a text message! You can also use the button below.

I paid for an order with my personal debit card.

We appreciate the quick thinking! Please submit a request to be reimbursed with the button below, and we will get you squared away as soon as we can! If you’ve lost your card completely or it’s stopped working please also submit a New Card Request.

Basic Questions  

What is an E-store item?

You may notice an E Store item in some of your orders. Simply stop at any old convenience store along your route to grab these up, and pay with your OrangeCrate Card. Just be sure to send in the receipts like usual to sendreceipts@myorangecrate.com.

When will I receive my bag and card?

Packages typically take around 5 business days to arrive starting from the day you completed your sign up. Your tracking info was emailed to you with the subject “Your Driver Equipment Has Shipped!” Please wait at least 7 days for your package, and if you still haven’t received it let us know.

What can I use my card for?

Your OrangeCrate Card should only be used for purchasing orders from restaurants or picking up E-Store Items. The card should NOT be used for any personal reasons whatsoever including gas.

I accidentally used my OrangeCrate card

If you’ve accidentally swiped your card for personal reasons please submit an invoice request so the amount can be paid back to you. You’ll receive an invoice either way, but this shows us that the charge was accidental.

My app shows different prices than the restaurant.

Menu prices are vary in price depending on the relationship we have with each restaurant, as well as the discount granted by each individual restaurant. The price difference is nothing to worry about.

Pay Questions

How do I setup my direct deposit?

Download the Jobble App and complete your profile. You’ll enter your direct deposit info here! Be sure to sign up with the same email you’ve provided us with! That’s it!

How can I see my current earnings?

Driver Earnings from Monday – Sunday are displayed in the reports tab of DeliverLogic. Each Monday the reports are cleared and transferred over to the Jobble App where you can view your final statement and pay date.

How can I view my Jobble pay?

Simply open up your Jobble app, and select the $$ symbol in the top right corner!

When will I be paid?

Your first earnings statement will be displayed in the Jobble app on the 2nd Monday after you start. The statement will arrive in your bank account on the following week between Thursday and Friday (or sooner). From this point on, your earnings will be displayed in your Jobble app Each Monday and will be available in your bank account each following week between Thursday and Friday depending on your bank.

My Jobble statement doesn’t match my DeliverLogic report?

Your app earnings do not reflect the .60 cent Jobble fee deducted from each one of your orders. If your Jobble Statement displays higher earnings than your DeliverLogic app, you have earned a bonus or marketing credit.

What is the pay structure?

Driver Earnings are based off of delivery fees and tips. For each order you complete you will earn 85% of the delivery fee and 100% of your tips. When your earnings are transferred into Jobble an administrative fee of $0.60 per order will be deducted. Earnings typically end up around $10 per order based on our data, but can vary depending on location, time of day, and order volume.

Scheduling Questions

How do I sign up for When I Work?

When you are initially set up in each app, you should receive an invite via text as well as email. Click the sign up button to get started!

When are shifts made available?

Shifts are published in the When I Work app each Thursday morning. The number of each available individual shift will vary from day to day. There may be 5 dinner time shifts on Monday, but 12 on Friday. Each driver in your location has the opportunity to claim these shifts until they are all gone, so check each Thursday morning to get the shifts you’d like before someone else does!

Can I drive without claiming a shift?

Yes, just use your DeliverLogic app to Check In and let dispatch know you’re available. Do keep in mind that you’ll only receive orders once all of the scheduled drivers are busy doing other deliveries.

Can I drop my shifts?

Yes! We do ask that you only claim shifts that you are positive you’ll be able to fill. We also ask that you please drop your shift at least 24 hours in advance to give time for another driver to cover your shift. Additionally, drivers who drop shifts excessively will be removed from the platform.

My shifts are displaying in a different timezone?

Don’t worry, the timezone is set to match the timezone where we are headquartered in California. Simply disregard the timezone. Please do do not adjust your timezone settings in the When I Work app.

App Questions

I can’t log in to DeliverLogic

Your Deliver Logic username will be the email you provided us with. Your password is 1234. If you’re still having trouble you can reset your password by selecting “log in / register“, then “forgot password”! If you’re still having trouble please submit a comment, and we will assist you as soon as possible!

I’m missing a delivery from my reports

Courier orders are currently not displayed in reports. An order could have also been removed from your reports if it was cancelled after having been delivered. If the order was late or missing an item due to driver error, you wont receive compensation for the order. If it’s determined that the order was cancelled due to restaurant error, you’ll receive compensation in the form of a marketing credit in your Jobble statement. If you’d like to inquire about a specific order please submit a comment.

What is the Jobble App for?

Jobble is a mobile marketplace for hourly jobs. Jobble is a specialized resource to help find full-time, part-time, and on-demand work. This is why you’ll notice job listings that you can apply to work in your area on the Jobble App. Jobble also handles payroll for all OrangeCrate drivers, which is why you’ll need the app installed. If you aren’t interested in applying for other gigs, just keep the app tucked away until you want to check on your weekly deposits!


I lost my card

Don’t Worry! Please start by dropping all of your upcoming shifts so that another driver can take them over. Once that’s complete, please submit a new card request. We will get a new one out asap!

How often do I need to drive?

In order to stay in our system as an active driver you’ll need to check in at least once a month. Otherwise you’ll be automatically removed from the platform. Consistently dropping shifts or driving far less often than you stated in your application can also be grounds for termination based on your local manager’s discretion.

I’d like to discontinue driving

We’re gonna miss you! If you’d like to discontinue driving with OrangeCrate, please do your very best to fulfill all of your claimed shifts. Please drop any shifts that you cannot fill, and then submit a Driver Termination Form. A local manager will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the next steps you’ll need to take!


If your question isn’t listed, please let us know by submitting a comment. We will contact you as soon as possible to assist you!