Welcome to the team! 

Along with opening a new location comes a great deal of responsibility, but it’s probably more simple than you’d imagine! Before getting your first order, you’ll need to get a few things out of the way first, but these simple steps should make the start up process a breeze! We have an abundance of material that will help you with all of these tasks along the way, but for right now we will focus on getting that first order.


1. Building your city

We’ve got this part covered, just submit your start up form below! We’ll set up the location zoning, the hours of operation, delivery fee structure, restaurant profiles, driver profiles, your administrative account, etc. The location will be set up to a “cookie cutter” standard that typically works well in most locations, but keep in mind that you can work alongside your district manager to adjust this set up to better fit your location’s needs. For now, here’s how we will start out:

2. Choosing the restaurants

You’ll need to choose the restaurants you’d like to have available to your customers before starting out. It’s important to be sure that the restaurant does offer take-out, and has a reasonable customer rating. If customers haven’t been happy when visiting the restaurant, they probably won’t enjoy it being delivered either. There is no limit on the number of restaurants you can add, but we suggest to include at least 2 restaurants for each cuisine type. Watch the video find out exactly what information we will need for each restaurant, and how you can obtain that info! Once completed please send your list to Wayne@myorangecrate.com


applications-apps-blur-533446 (1).jpg

3. Getting the word out.

We can handle this setting up! Social media plays a big role in the success of your location! Staying active and engaging in the community through social media is one of the most affecting ways of keeping your community engaged! As far as startup goes, we’ve got you covered. Once your restaurant list is submitted, let your district manager know, and they’ll get the following websites set up for you and assign you as a page administrator! If you don’t have your own accounts set up, you’ll need to do so in order to operate these! Once your set up, start letting the community know! Posting to local community group pages will really jump start your location.

  • Facebook Business

  • Instagram

  • Google Business

  • Etc


4. Setting up driver scheduling

Drivers (and you) use the When I Work app to choose the open-shifts they plan to fill! They will receive a notification each Thursday when you’ve published the available shifts for the week, and once all of the available shifts have been claimed, drivers will no longer have the ability to schedule themselves. We will take care of setting you up within When I Work as a manager. We will set up shift templates, location, roles, etc. but the number of available shifts each day will be left up to you, as well as monitoring if drivers are checking in for their shifts or not.  If you have not received an invite for When I Work yet. We will set this up along with the social media.  


5. Choosing a launch date

Once the restaurants, social media (advertising outlets), and scheduling software have been set up, you’re actually ready to receive your first order, and how you go about starting out is 100% your decision. If you’re ready to deliver yourself then go ahead and get started on spreading the word, and be sure to be available for orders! If you’re planning on having other drivers available to fill your schedule first, then let us know what day you plan to open, publish the shifts for that first week, and we will begin recruiting drivers for you. Keep in mind that bringing drivers on board can be a lengthy process so try to give us some time. We can never ensure that enough drivers will sign up but we will do our best!

That’s it!

The only thing left to do now is to monitor your schedule to ensure that either you or another driver is available at all times. Advertise on Facebook by using the material and tips we supply you with, and reach out to some restaurants to get them on board with what we’re doing. We will supply material to help with this as well. If you can keep these things in order, you’ll have an abundance of orders being delivered in no time! The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to operating an OrangeCrate location, so set a goal now for how many orders you plan to have completed within a month. The info you’ll find here will helpo, and so will your district manager!