What is OrAngeEE CraaAteeeE? 

      OrangeCrate is essentially an online marketing platform, not a delivery service like most would assume. When a customer orders from their favorite restaurant on Myorangecrate.com and is later greeted by a driver who is wearing our design on their T-shirt and carrying a bag bearing our logo, It’s likely they say to themselves “OrangeCrate is an awesome delivery service”, however, we are far from a delivery service. We have 3 main functions to put it simply. We contact restaurants who are interested in increasing volume or offering delivery and create partnerships with those restaurants, We advertise to customers who want to order delivery, and we take individuals who are looking to earn a living and help them to become independent delivery contractors. (Think Uber Driver) From this point, we receive orders through our website and coordinate with the restaurant and the delivery driver to help get those orders delivered. Although this sounds a bit complicated, the reality is that It is actually very complicated... The bottom line is that many people will see us as a delivery service when in reality we are more of a marketing service for both our restaurant and delivery driver partners. Our goal is to connect them to customers who are hungry for delivery and to do everything in our power to benefit all of the parties involved by supplying more sales to the restaurant, more $$ to our drivers, and a great experience for our customers.

As a Territory Manager, you’ll focus on signing agreements with new restaurants, maintaining your driver schedule, and advertising to the people in your community so that you receive more orders. Of course it isn’t that simple, however, these are the 3 key concerns for any Territory Manager. As long as these three aspects are the major focus for you as a Territory Manager, your location should do just fine. The guys at corporate focus on managing the driver payroll, website maintenance, dispatching, and developing groundbreaking integrations with other major players in the on-demand space. Things like our Olo, Eat24, Penny, Jobble, and DeliverClub relationships… You’ll learn about those later, so don’t worry! These are all things that contribute highly to the success of the company overall, and could never be handled by just one individual, and so we have arrived at the structure we have today. While the vast majority of companies like ours are either heavily funded giants, or underfunded mom and pop shops, we’ve decided on a different approach designed for steady growth and structure. OrangeCrate is made up of Corporate, District Managers, and Territory Managers. This allows us the backing and support of a larger funded company along with the local feel of a mom and pop shop. Customers love the functionality of an Uber Eats style website, but crave the personal touch that just isn’t there in most delivery services. That personal touch can only be implemented by real-life human beings, and at OrangeCrate we strive to fill the void! 

          What do you need to begin? This is where things get into a bit of a gray area. Being a Territory Manager means having a great deal of control over the daily operations of the business. For Example, In some SoCal locations delivery fees begin at $3.50 and increase based on which of the 6 zones each customer is located in, while in central U.S locations delivery fees begin at 2.99 and are based on overall mileage. Some locations meet drivers in person for interviews, while some use automated systems to on board new drivers, and ship their supplies. Some locations may only list restaurants that offer us a discount, while some work with restaurants who cannot afford those discounts at all. The point is that it depends on who you are and how you’d like to do things. The reason for this is that every city has its own specific needs. The good news is that you are a friend of many District Managers who have successfully operated several locations in the past, and a lot of the struggles and issues that you would likely run into have already been sorted for you. Additionally, District Managers have done their fair share of studying every aspect of the business. This includes sales, marketing, graphic design, customer service, finances, etc. This way you can be supplied with designs, procedures, and processes that have already been tested in other markets. This makes managing a location much easier than it was back in the early days. Even better is the ability to grow and manage more locations. It means that the possibilities for you are infinite. It all depends on your personal goals!

How do my earnings work?

You'll likely be your own first driver which means you'll also earn an average of $10 per order you deliver. This is the current average for all OrangeCrate locations.

As a territory manager, you'll earn an average of $1.75 per order successfully delivered whether you complete the deliver or not. This is where the opportunity lies!

Options are available to conduct your own dispatching. If you’d like to take this route, you’re order earnings will increase to $2.75 per order.

what are my duties?

We’ve put together a list to give you an outline of your responsibilities, but do keep in mind that every location is managed differently and you may prefer an alternate way of doing things! We are always growing and trying out new ideas as well, so some things may change as newer and better procedures crop up. They may even be your brain child! Training is provided for all of your responsibilities marked as BOLD. We’ll handle the rest!


  • Obtaining initial restaurant list

  • Adding Location hours

  • Building the location's zones, fees, etc into the platform

  • Uploading restaurant hours, location, etc into our platform

  • Adding restaurant menus into our platform

  • Establishing communication with restaurants

  • Providing tablets or order printers to restaurants

  • Supplying restaurant's featured photos and logos

Social Media Set Up:

  • Publishing and verifying of a local Facebook page

  • Publishing and verifying of a local Instagram page

  • Publishing and verifying of local Google Business page

Driver On boarding:

  • conducting driver interviews when needed

  • Running driver recruitment ads

  • Screening oncoming drivers

  • Setting up new driver profiles into Deliver Logic 

  • Setting up new driver profiles into When I Work 

  • Supplying drivers with delivery bags and credit cards

  • Driver training

Driver Management / Scheduling:

  • Posting available open shifts each Thursday 

  • Ensuring that drivers are showing up for their shifts

  • Ensuring that the schedule is filled (delivering orders if needed) 

  • Contacting drivers if none are available 


Restaurant Management:

  • Contacting and signing up restaurants

  • Setting up restaurant reporting 

  • Maintaining a good relationship with restaurant management

  • Ensuring restaurant list AND MENUS ARE up to date 

  • Supplying restaurant marketing materials

Promotions (Graphics Provided):

  • Publishing Facebook Ads at your discretion

  • Publishing Instagram Ads at your discretion 

  • Publishing Google Ads at your discretion 

  • Publishing giveaway promos at your discretion 

  • Email Marketing at your discretion 

  • text BLAST marketing at your discretion 

  • Supplying driver swag (T-shirts, Cards, Etc)

  • Distributing print advertising (cards, postcards, door hangers, etc) 

  • Supplying Manager swag (Hats, and Polo shirts)


Promotions (System Input):

  • Coupon Code creation

  • Gift Certificate creation

  • Restaurant Deal creation

Managing of social media:

  • Posting on a regular basis 

  • Keeping accurate info listed 

  • Responding to reviews 

Customer Management: 

  • responding Customer complaints 

  • Applying customer credits or refunds