While there are many concerns that have been conjured up by restaurant management in the past, here are some of the most common. If you don’t have an answer for a concern you should be honest. Do let them know that you will find out an answer and let them know as soon as possible. This shows that you care.

What’s this going to cost?

We ask that our restaurants offer us a discount of 10 – 30%. The rate you choose will determine your placement and pricing on our website, as well as the amount of marketing we’ll do for your restaurant as well. (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Flyers, etc.) Whatever discount you choose will affect the volume of orders you receive and can be applied via your point of sale system when our driver arrives and pays. You can be listed on our website at no cost by simply agreeing to display a few of our marketing materials at your restaurant, but your menu prices will be inflated and your restaurant will be listed at the bottom of our website which will affect your order volume substantially.

How do we receive and get paid for orders?  

The same way you always do! Each order that is placed through OrangeCrate is monitored by our dispatch team. They will review the order items, and then call your restaurant to place the order like any other takeout customer would. Your restaurant will provide an estimated pick up time which will be applied to the order before it is assigned to a driver. Once arrived, the driver will pay via their Driver Card, and head on their way! When your volume exceeds 50 orders per month, you will be eligible to receive an order printer. When an order is placed, the printer will alert and begin printing. Your staff will press a button to confirm they’ve received the order, key in the pickup time and begin preparing it. That’s it! Wi-fi is not the most reliable from restaurant to restaurant so the printer uses cell phone networks to communicate, and contains a backup battery just in case it is unplugged. Some POS integration is also available.

Our drivers are instructed not to open or tamper with the food items after placing them into their heatwave bags in any circumstance. We leave that up to your cooks and staff! In addition to this, our drivers use some of the most advanced thermal heatwave bags on the market, and our GPS tracking allows for timely pickups ensuring that food items don’t wait at your restaurant. When issues do arise, we take matters into our own hands so long as it’s possible. Late delivery, missing items, cold food… These things do happen in the food industry regardless of the precautions we take to prevent them. When they do arise we will make things right with the customer. We’ll only reach out to you if it’s determined that the food was prepared improperly.

  • Our bags are designed with Nylon which is generally water resistant. This helps them keep their contents protected from brief exposure to the elements. Additionally, nylon bags breathe more than PVC bags so there is less chance of boxes or food items becoming soggy due to excess moisture accumulation.

  • Our bags are insulated with 1-inch Polyurethane which is breathable thanks to its open cell design, which means it’s also highly resistant to mildew and won’t trap odors. It’s also lightweight, making it ideal for food delivery personnel to carry from one location to the next.

  • Our top loading insulated food delivery bags make it easy to transport stacked products, particularly for catering applications. These bags enable staff to simply stack beverages, deli trays, take-out containers, and food pans within the bag, close the bag from the top, and go.

What About Food Quality?

This part is simpler than you might think! Here are the things we will need:

  • An updated copy of your menu and logo with pricing

  • An email address for reporting and to send the electronic restaurant agreement

  • Confirmation that your staff is up to date on OrangeCrate order procedures

How do I get listed?   

You restaurant can be removed form the website in a matter of seconds! If you’re staff is slammed during a busy day, we’ve got your back! if you’re closing for a couple days due to a holiday, we’ve got you covered there too! If you only want to offer delivery during certain days or times, we can even set that up!

What if we close early, or get too busy?