Restaurant Partnerships

Acknowledge that signing up truly is in the restaurant’s best interest. 


If you’re going to talk anyone into working along with OrangeCrate, you’re going to have to honestly believe that it will benefit them in the long run. OrangeCrate was founded on the idea that restaurants needed another way to grow their order volume without expanding staff or dining space. It’s clear now that the system works, so keep that in mind when meeting with restaurant owners or managers. You don’t need oily sales techniques or gimmicks to bring on a restaurant, you need only to be sincere, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable.

Restaurant management receives an endless amount of cold calls, direct mail, emails, etc. from sales reps who are selling anything from Menu Printing to Chicken Meat, so keep that in mind when reaching out to them as they’ve likely gotten used to tuning people out.  Our service truly does help our partners though, and we aren’t even asking for them to pay us a dime out-of-pocket. The goal is not to swindle anyone into a contract signing, but to inform the restaurant on how we can help them and why they should partner with us. After that’s done singing on with us should be a no brainier.

First, Learn how to OrganizE Your Restaurant Contacts

Whether you visit in person or call around collecting emails and phone numbers for owners / managers, you’ll certainly want to keep that info tidy. More often than not you’ll play a little phone tag back and forth so keeping notes on when to call back and what discussion took place will certainly make things easier.

Be sure to read on before starting any calls though. If the owner themselves answer the phone, you’ll want to have an idea of what you’ll say!



Kittens loooove tuna, but we usually don’t bait our hooks with tuna when fishing.. Why not? Well, the answer is simple really. We’re not fishing for kittens. We’re after the fish, and the fish are after the worms!

You should try to take the same approach when speaking to restaurants, and we don’t mean by using a fishing pole! Most restaurant owners like happy customers, happy staff, and you guessed it, more money! So stick to those topics. Luckily, we can help with all three!

Next, Check out some tips on structuring your call


Get the sales material, electronic agreement, and more.

Lastly, Find answers to common restaurant concerns