Restaurant Partnerships

There isn’t a sure-fire formula for signing on restaurant partners in every scenario, but we do have some helpful guidelines and procedures to share that will certainly increase your odds. This section will also help you understand the process of signing on a new restaurant, and how it can be completed! Outside of driving, this should be your primary focus. The main thing to keep in mind when meeting with restaurant management is that you aren’t here to swindle anyone into signing a contract. Our service truly does benefit our partnered restaurant starting with the first order they receive. Your job is to help the restaurant recognize that value. Above all else you should focus on being sincere, as knowledgeable as possible, and selfless. The focus isn’t about what you or OrangeCrate can gain, rather what you and OrangeCrate can provide to the restaurant. So long as we can serve the restaurant, we will benefit in return!

Learn why restaurants should partner

Before you can sign on any new partners, you’ll need to understand why we do what we do, how we do it, and the benefits that restaurants can gain from partnering with OrangeCrate. Check out the material below to get the scoop, and direct any questions or concerns to your district manager. The more knowledge you have in this field, the easier it will be to start those relationships with local restaurants.



Understand Restaurant Concerns

Check out this material so that you can familiarize yourself with different aspects of operation. Restaurant owners will likely have concerns about reports, delivery time calculations, minimum tips, holiday hours, how they can contact us in an emergency, stand alone websites, etc. Some things will simply come with time, so don’t worry if a concern comes up that you don’t know the answer to. Let the restaurant know that you’re not sure, but you’ll find out and get back to them!

LISTEN TO Zig ziglar’s secrets of closing the sale

Before you do anything, give this a listen.……Actually, give it three! Take advantage of that time spent delivering and empower your aux. This book is our #1 recommended sales aid because it’s one of a kind, and old Zig keeps it interesting all the way through. If you have any desire whatsoever to bring on restaurant partners, start here. We’ve already purchased it for you, just be sure to bookmark your stopping points as other managers use the same account.

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There are likely hundreds of restaurants in your city, and if you’re going to sign them all up, you’re going to have a ton of information to keep up with in the meantime. Watch the video to find out how you can arrange your restaurant list, and stay up to date on your current prospects!

GATHER SOME marketing and sales material

  • Manager Polos

  • Business Cards

  • Restaurant Sales Brochures

  • Restaurant Table Tents

  • Restaurant Window Clings



lets reach out to some local restaurantS!

Start with local restaurants instead of chains, Do your research to find out the name of the acting manager (or owner if its a mom and pop shop). If you can’t find anything, call to the restaurant, explain you are calling with OrangeCrate, and that you’re looking for the managers contact info. Now you can ask for them by name when you arrive in person. This will work out far better than asking for the manager, and you’ll likely gain their email or phone number.

Once you’ve got a good solid list, plan a day to visit a few restaurants. Be sure to arrive early before lunch, or right after. If the restaurant is busy, abort the mission. Tues - Wed seems to be the sweet spot for meetings. Oh yeah, dress to impress!

Keep your presentation down to 20 minutes or less. The mind can't endure what the butt can't handle. Also, managers rarely have a long time to look at more than just a few minutes worth of material. Moving quickly also lets them know that you’re considerate of their time, but be sure to allow them time to voice any concerns as well.

Bring your laptop to give a demo of how the website works, a notebook to show you care, brochures, business cards, and anything else you think you may need. Be confident, do your best, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how far you come! Remember your district manager and the rest of the team is always here to help along the way!


If the restaurant is interested in partnering, there are a few thing left to do.

#1. have the restaurant sign the electronic restaurant agreement here : . They will need to have a copy of their menu and logo ready to upload.

#2. Address any special needs the restaurant may need. (POS integration, special catering hours, monthly billing, etc.

#3. Check in with Wayne for an ETA on the restaurant being completed in our system.

#3. Follow up with the restaurant to ensure that their staff is up to date and that the discount button is active on their POS system (unless we are paying monthly)


Sales Questions?