Social Media Guidelines

When to post

Consistency is the key here! We suggest 2-3 posts per week, and maybe more in the beginning. If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to our manager calendar to get an idea of how often you should post. If you need to make adjustments on dates and times you’ll need to import the file below into your own google calendar and make adjustments to better fit your needs.

What to post

Stay relevant, and don’t sell too much. 30% of your posts should be encouraging people to order but the rest should just be fun. Post photos of local food, new restaurants in town, food memes, etc. Post interaction is valuable and funny posts get shared. Keeping your followers entertained will highly increase the odds that they will react to that 30% of posts that direct them to our website to place an order. Check out some other locations to get inspired, and don’t be afraid to use the content we’ve already got!



While options for social media outlets are endless these days, we suggest utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and your Google business page. You can add Twitter as well, but be sure to stay consistent on all platforms.


Do some studying

Before you do anything, give this a listen.……Actually, give it three! Take advantage of that time spent delivering and empower your aux. This book is our #1 recommended social media aid. Just be sure to bookmark your stopping points as other managers use this same account. You’ll gain a ton from this book!

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Social Media Questions?