Manager Support

Managing an OrangeCrate location is no simple task, but there are a number of ways that it can be made easier. We’ve broken down the different aspects of the job below and organized them by priority so that you can have a good idea of how you should spend your valuable time. When deciding what areas need improving, check out this info and try to determine which one of these aspects your location could stand having improved the most. You always have the rest of the team to lean on, but this should be your go to area for managing tips!


Schedule & Driver Management

This is top priority for any location. Partnering with restaurants, posting on social media, running promotions, offering free delivery, etc. are all useless if there are no people available to make deliveries. You’ll probably drive a ton yourself, and add drivers as you go. You’ll likely enjoy the driver earnings in combination with your profit share too. the overall goal is to bring on enough drivers so that you can focus on big picture stuff, so click below to hear our 2 cents. You’ll want to ensure this area is handled before anything else!

Restaurant Partnerships

This follows directly behind schedule coverage on our list because of the benefits involved in partnerships. See, When we sign on with a new restaurant a number of things begin working in our favor. The restaurant offers us a discount allowing us to lower our customers cost which plays a huge roll in how many customers will use our service, but what plays an even bigger role is that the restaurant allows us to display marketing material in their store. This is actually the restaurant displaying to their customers that they stand behind OrangeCrate. That is all the encouragement anyone needs to give our service a try, so click below and find out what you can do to improve your sales game!


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Customer Acquisition

Gaining new customers can be done in dozens of different ways. Printed Media like business and postcards, car decals, door hangers, Google Ads, Google Business Pages, Facebook Ads, Facebook Business Pages, Instagram, Social Media give away promotions, new customer deals, and many many more. Your biggest role in this is staying active on Social media, and engaging with the community. This means posting on a normal basis with interesting content, and distributing different marketing material around town. We will handle the google ads and help your social pages thrive. We provide a ton of material to use on your social accounts and a ton of designs that can be used for marketing, so click below to get inspired!

Customer Service & Retention
(Under Construction)

 After bringing on new customers it’s important to keep them coming back again and again. This means serving those customers to the very best of our ability, and making things right when things do go wrong even if it means giving a $20 credit to that mean old lady who is blaming you for her under cooked steak. Our dispatchers typically handle customer service issues, but some things will require your input. Retaining customers also means offering deals and incentives to our existing customer base via email, text, and social media so please read on for some helpful info on how to keep those customers coming back!


Location Performance
(Under Construction)

Customer reviews, delivery wait times, menu prices, order issues, profit monitoring, hours of operation, delivery zones, restaurant sorting, etc. You’ll want to periodically check in on these things to ensure the location is performing the way it should be. Click the button below to get some tips on keeping these things up to speed!