1. Gain new customers

By adding your restaurant’s menu to OrangeCrate’s online ordering platform it gives consumers who are unfamiliar with your restaurant easy access to your food options. Your business may be out of the way for many people, so they haven’t had the chance to stop in and may never get a chance to. With OrangeCrate as your delivery service, your new customers can try out your meals without having to travel at all. Ordering food online for the first time also motivates customers to come into your actual establishment since they’ve now had a taste of your food. We have no maximum delivery range and all new customers can get their first delivery free of charge so a partnership with OrangeCrate could mean doubling or even tripling your customer base!

2. Cut down on costs

One of the most alluring aspects of our delivery service is how affordable it is. Instead of spending your money on gas, vehicles, insurance, and delivery employee wages, you simply offer whatever discount fits your budget and we take care of the rest. OrangeCrate only charges for the orders we deliver, so there are no monthly fees, start-up costs, and we even cover the cost of our Order Printers if you decide to take that route! Delivery has now become a standard in the restaurant industry and compared to the cost of in-house delivery, OrangeCrate’s 10 – 30% commission is a cake walk. In fact, If you factor in all of the costs associated with each ticket individually, you’ll find that your profit margins are higher on OrangeCrate orders than dine in orders! Restaurants around the world are actually beginning to open “ghost” restaurants which offer no dine in seating areas, and only offer delivery. This concept reduces over head costs and increases profit margins in the same way OrangeCrate does with each order we deliver!

As mentioned above, offering your menu to people who may not have been familiar with your restaurant opens your business up to an entirely new audience, which in turn increases sales. Most restaurants that partnered with OrangeCrate in 2018 saw their monthly take-out revenue grow by an average of 30 percent over the first year and they didn’t have to spend a dime!

3. Increase your bottom line

Partnering with OrangeCrate means having your restaurant displayed in front of your perfect audience..Hungry customers who are ready to order food, but it doesn’t end there. If you don’t have a website, we’ll build you one. If you do have a website, you now have the option to offer online ordering through your website! If you decide to offer a 20% or higher commission, we’ll even set up PPC Google ads for your restaurant specifically! In combination with our Instagram and Facebook posts you’re guaranteed to reach new customers!

4. Increase your web exposure

We’ve all had days where cooking was the last thing we wanted to do, but we also didn’t feel like grabbing fast food. OrangeCrate provides a convenient way for customers to order food without having to sacrifice quality, not to mention ordering can be done via our mobile app, so customers can order meals with a simple push of a button. Your customers will appreciate the ability and convenience of having your meals delivered. The reality is that sometimes delivery is the only option, and customers are going to order from whatever restaurant is available so why not give them the option to choose yours?

5. Cater to your regulars