The Driver Handbook

Please read through the entire document before moving forward

– it will answer all of your questions and get you ready to deliver like a pro!

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How does driving work?

  • The customer places their order online

  • One of our dispatchers  will send the order to the DeliverLogic app on your smartphone; tap “confirm” to let dispatch know that you have accepted the order. The dispatcher will call the order into the restaurant, and your app will update to display the restaurant’s pick-up time.

  • You’ll head to the restaurant; follow the dispatcher’s chat instructions to know if you’ll need to bring in your delivery bag, or if you should leave it in the car.

  • Once you’re at the restaurant you’ll want to tap “arrived” on your DeliverLogic app to update the status of the order.

  • Pay at the counter with your OrangeCrate credit card! Remove any receipts from the bag and hold on to them – you will need them later on!

  • Next you’ll mark the order “enroute” and head to this customers house! Tapping “enroute” will automatically send a message to the customer asking if they have any special delivery instructions, not all customers answer, but if they do it will come to your phone as a text message. Feel free to respond to them if you have any questions!

  • You’ll want to keep the food in your heat wave bag until you’re in front of the customer. This let’s them know that you’ve done your part in keeping it fresh! Tap “delivered” to let dispatch know the order is complete! This will move your order into the “Reports” tab of DeliverLogic where you can view your earnings.  

  • Lastly, You’ll write the order number on your receipt, take a picture, and email / text it in to 

*Please note that receipts must be sent in daily for each delivery in order to receive earnings *

How does my pay work? 

You earn 85% of the delivery fee and 100% of the tips for each order successfully completed. Delivery fees are based on the distance from pick up to drop off. $2.99 covers the first two miles, and each additional mile driven is .54¢. Tips are not mandatory, but are highly suggested during the order process. 
It’s important to remember that earnings for some orders could be as low as $2.99 while others could be as high as $25-$35. We have calculated that the average order comes out to about $10.
Remember, orders are not guaranteed, some days you may receive 4 orders and some days you may receive 20! The cool thing is that if you’ve got some time between orders or you are having a slow day, you can spend that time doing whatever you like!

(We suggest binge watching Netflix.)

When do I get Paid?  

Pay is one week behind like most traditional jobs, so keep in mind that it will be 2 weeks after you start driving before you’ll see your first deposit! Earning periods run from Monday – Sunday. Every Monday morning you’ll notice your earnings in the “reports” tab of DeliverLogic have been transferred to your Jobble App. You can expect to see these earnings in your bank account the following week between Tuesday – Thurday. Just keep in mind that the earnings in DeliverLogic represent your earnings before Jobble’s .60 per order fee, and that your Jobble statement represents your actual earnings.

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Choose my own schedule? 

You’ll Use the When I Work app to choose the open-shifts you plan to fill! You will receive a notification on your phone when the shifts for the week have been published. Shifts are published every Thursday, and are made available to every driver in your area.  Once all of the available shifts have been claimed, you will no longer have the ability to schedule yourself ahead of time. You’ll receive notifications throughout the week for the shifts that have not been claimed, and new shifts that have become available. Keep in mind that regardless of the shifts you have claimed, You will not receive any orders until you have checked yourself in on the “DeliverLogic” App. 

Scheduled Drivers Get Priority?

Maybe you’d like to drive tonight can’t fill an entire shift (shift example: 1:00pm – 4:30pm). Don’t worry, you can always let the dispatch team know you’re available to make deliveries by using the Check In button in the DeliverLogic App. Just keep in mind that you’ll only receive orders once all of the scheduled drivers are busy on other deliveries. 

Can I Drop Shifts?

We do ask that you only claim shifts that you are positive you’ll be able to fill. We also ask that if you have to,  please drop your shift at least 24 hours in advance to give time for another driver to cover your shift. Additionally, drivers who drop shifts excessively will be removed from the platform

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What Apps will I need? 

DeliverLogic – 

This is the app you’ll use to receive, and execute deliveries. You’ll use this app to mark orders, Confirmed, Arrived, Enroute, and Delivered. If you’ve chosen shifts in the When I Work app, this is where you’ll check in during those shifts. Anytime you’re Checked In you’re showing our dispatchers that you’re available to receive orders. Just be sure that you don’t forget to check out when you’re done driving or have finished your shift! You can also speak with the dispatch team in your DeliverLogic app at any time by selecting the chat tab, or view your earnings for the orders you’ve completed each week in the reports tab. Learn how to use the app here

Jobble –

The Jobble app is where you’ll view your paystubs! It’s necessary that you create a profile in the Jobble app in order to get paid.  Just be sure to enter your Direct Deposit Info, and use the same email you provided us with! 

Mile IQ –

Mile IQ is a great app for tracking the miles you travel while delivering food. It tracks your trips while running in the background of your phone and allows you to classify those miles traveled afterwards. This will assist tremendously when tax season comes around! Although it’s not a required app, we highly recommend using Mile IQ. Check it out here! 

When I Work –

You’ll use the When I Work App to claim the shifts you plan to drive each week. There are currently 4 shifts per day.


Don’t worry about downloading any apps quite yet, We’ll forward you all the links when your equipment ships!