Why do I need to pay $20 for a bag?


Well, we used to cover the cost of having bags and credit cards manufactured, shipped to us, re-packaged, and then re - shipped to our newest drivers. A large number of those bags went to drivers who never claimed a shift or delivered even one order though. We ended up losing a ton of money and getting our hearts broken time and time again. Guess they really just wanted us for our bags….

We know you aren’t that type of driver, but they do come around every once in a while. We have trust issues, and the starter kit fee allows us to see that you’re willing to invest. Our drivers are their own bosses. They wear what they want and choose their own hours, so the willingness to invest your time is something you’ll need to be willing to do. There are no long surveys about your personality to be completed, no painful one on one interrogation, we still cover the shipping cost of your equipment, and if you ever do leave the equipment is yours forever and always. No more angry grandma screaming because her potpie melted on the way home from Walmart.